DR FIXIT 204 RepairPro Rust Remover - 500 ML

DR FIXIT 204 RepairPro Rust Remover - 500 ML

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Brand: Dr Fixit
Category: Rust Removal and Protection

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Product Details#

DR FIXIT 204 RepairPro Rust Remover - 500 ML is available at is of best quality. Please view our large selection of related products in Similar products section.

Dr. Fixit Rust Remover is based on chloride free chemical & additive solution in liquid form. it is used as rust remover which effectively cleans rust from steel surfaces, before application of any protective coating / painting.

Typical Applications

  • On re-bars during repairs to reinforced concrete structures.
  • Maintenance of mild steel structures: M.S. pipelines, M.S. plates or any other M.S. surface (like tanks, water pipelines, shuttering plates and other corroded steel surfaces).
  • Remove Rusts from MS Structures and Fasteners


  • Ease of application - Ready to use, easily applicable by brush.
  • Penetration & effect - Effective rust removal even from areas difficult to reach & penetrate.
  • Chloride free - Contains no chloride hence no chance of enhancing further corrosion.
  • Economical - Cost effective because of good coverage.

How To Use

  1. Preparation: Remove the loose rust by wire brushing, chipping, hammering or grinding so that majority of rust scale is removed.
  2. Apply Dr. Fixit Rust Remover on affected surface using brush or cotton waste swab.
  3. Wait at least 15 to 30 minutes for Dr. Fixit Rust Remover to react with rusted surface. The rusty surface will change its colour to original blackish steel, remove the same with cotton cloth.
  4. Final Clean : Then remove the loose rust particles by scrubbing or simple dusting with the brush.
  5. Wash the steel surface with water to remove all the acidic residue left on the bar, and clean with cotton cloth.


  1. Dr. Fixit Rust Remover is acidic in nature, when applied to clean the rusted rebars. Ensure that traces of acid are removed completely by washing with a water jet, before applying coatings or primers.
  2. For thorough removal of rust and cleaning steel bar to SA 2 1/2 standards, sweep blasting is recommended
  3. To preven the steel from rusting again spray/apply WD40 as a precaution.

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