3mm Tiles Levelling System Clip - 50 Pcs

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Qty / Pack: 50 Pcs

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Tiles Leveling System Clip Only: 50 Nos

You need to buy the Wedge separately

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Product Details #

3mm Tiles Levelling System Clip - 50 Pcs is available at is of best quality. Please view our large selection of related products in Similar products section.

Package Contents #

Wedge or Clips50 Nos.

Specification #

Color of WedgeYellow, Red or Any color (May change with each batch)
Color of ClipsWhite, Clear or Any color (May change with each batch)
MaterialPlastic / Polymer

Note: 1. The actual color of the wedge and clip may vary from batch to batch. If you want to know the exact color of the product please contact us.

Quality Guaranteed: The Tiles Leveling Kits and Spacers from are quality guaranteed. We use best quality raw materials and pass through the quality check process to give you superior finished products.

How to use Tiles Leveling System Wedge Clip

The tiles wedge leveling kit does the 2 in 1 job of creating even spaces between tiles and to align tiles, so you get a perfect even groove in your tiles at the same time eliminating any lippage. The tile wedge leveling system is very easy to learn and use. This tiles spacer and wedge leveling kits are compatible with all types of Tiles: such as porcelain, ceramic, vitrified, marble and all-natural stone.

Wedges are universal in size and they can be Reusable until it gets wear out, Clips can be used only once

Tiles Leveler Wedge and Clip Calculator ↱ #

Calculator #

Note: Since wedges are reusable you can buy half the quantity of wedges calculated above

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How To use Tiles Leveling Kit #

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Youtube: 2x2 Large Tiles Leveling with Tile Leveling System
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Disclaimer: The product images are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary with each unique part number and attributes like size, model, color, etc. We recommend that customers unfamiliar with the products to contact our support team to request a exact images if available from stock. This product comes with warranty against manufacturing defect, refer warranty policy on how to claim warranty. cat/tiles-spacer , gro/tiles-leveler , pro/tiles-leveling-system-kit-3mm , id/478