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Dimension of M3 Hex Spacer/Standoff

Dimension of M3 Hex Spacer/Standoff

Spacer is a brass M3 Hex Female To Female Type Spacer is a fully threaded separator, where as Standoff is a brass M3 Hex Standoff Male To Female Threaded Type (aka jack screws) is a threaded separator. They are used to raise one assembly above another. They have hex sides for easy wrench tightening.

Specification #

Spacer Thread TypeFemale to Female
Standoff Thread TypeMale to Female
Thread SizeM3
Thread StandardMetric

Dimension #

Dimension of M3 Hex Spacer/Standoff

Applications #

Due to its light weight and strength it finds wide application. In electronics they are frequently used to raise a printed-circuit board above a surface. Spacers/Standoffs keep two parts from touching each other, thereby preventing electrical shorts. In Automation and Robotics this spacer is used for creating defined spacing between two components

  • Spacer between the stepper motor and motor mounting plate
  • Mounting PCB
  • Robots Assembly
  • Furniture assembly
  • Signs and displays
  • Model building
  • DIY projects
  • As a Generic Mechanical Component

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