Specification and Dimension of Customized Extension Spring

Specification and Dimension of Customized Extension Spring

Extension springs are typically made from round wire that is tightly coiled to form a helical shape. They feature hooks, eyes, or loops at both ends to facilitate attachment to other components. When an external force pulls on the ends of the spring, it extends, storing energy within its coils. Once the force is removed, the spring contracts back to its original length, releasing the stored energy.

To make a extension spring we need some technical parameter like dimensions, material, surface finishing, and special operation. Customized Extension Spring Manufacture online in India

We need below dimensions to make a extension spring.

  • D - Wire Diameter
  • OD - Outer Diameter or (ID - Inner Diameter)
  • L - Free Length
  • BL - Body Length
  • G - Gap is a customized spring manufacturer, we supply to our MSME, Industrial and Academic institutions partners in India. Contact us for your custom extension spring manufacturing requirement

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