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Specification and Dimension of Customized Concave Spring

Specification and Dimension of Customized Concave Spring

Concave springs, also known as hourglass springs, are a type of compression spring that is tapered at both ends. This unique shape gives them several advantages over other types of springs, including: Customized Spring Manufacture online in India

The following dimensions are required to manufacture a concave spring:

  • D - Wire Diameter
  • ID1 - Large Inner Diameter (or OD1 - Large Outer Diameter)
  • ID2 - Small Inner Diameter (or OD2 - Small Outer Diameter)
  • L - Length/Height (or Number of Turn) is a customized concave or hourglass spring manufacturer, we supply to our MSME, Industrial and Academic institutions partners in India. Contact us for your custom concave spring manufacturing requirement

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