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A Guide to Extension Spring Hooks and Loops

A Guide to Extension Spring Hooks and Loops

The hooks and loops play a crucial role in transmitting force and enabling the essential functions of extension springs. These end configurations can be customized in various types to suit specific applications.

Types of Hooks and Loops #

  1. Machine Hooks: These are the most widely used hook style, offering a strong and direct connection. They are formed by bending ¾ of a coil outwards, providing a robust anchor point for pulling forces.
  2. Side Loops: Also known as cross-over hooks, these are positioned over one side of the spring body, offering a more compact design. They are particularly useful when space is limited or when the spring needs to be offset from its center.
  3. Center Loops: hook that is attached to the center of an extension spring. It is commonly used in applications where it is important to maintain a balanced load.
  4. Extended Hooks: These hooks extend further away from the spring body, providing a longer reach and more leverage for pulling forces. They are often used in applications where space is not a constraint and where a stronger pulling action is required.
hook-location/Center Hook_Loop.jpg

Center Hook_Loop

hook-location/Extended Hooks.jpg

Extended Hooks

hook-location/Side Hook_Loop.jpg

Side Hook_Loop

Hooks/Loops Types #

There are many different shapes of hooks or loops that can be used for extension springs, depending on the design and requirements of the application. Some of the common shapes are:

hook-shape/001 Full Loop.jpg

001 Full Loop

hook-shape/002 Double Twisted Loop.jpg

002 Double Twisted Loop

hook-shape/003 Reduced Loop.jpg

003 Reduced Loop

hook-shape/004 Extended Eye Loop.jpg

004 Extended Eye Loop

hook-shape/005 Full Twisted Loop.jpg

005 Full Twisted Loop

hook-shape/006 Half Loop.jpg

006 Half Loop

hook-shape/007 Raised Hook.jpg

007 Raised Hook

hook-shape/008 Rectangular Hook.jpg

008 Rectangular Hook

hook-shape/009 V Hook.jpg

009 V Hook

hook-shape/010 Offset Loop.jpg

010 Offset Loop

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